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History of Immersion Records

Immersion Records is an Australian label launched in January 1998 to accommodate the release of recordings with which PETER KOPPES has an association and interests in developing with label partner SEBASTIAN CHASE of PHANTOM RECORDS and MGM Distribution.

Initially the label released the new PETER KOPPES double titled solo album 'LOVE ERA/IRONY' and former EMI artist and ARIA 'Best New Artist' nominee MARGOT SMITH's new second album 'TASTE'. Both albums featured PETER KOPPES and colleague from THE CHURCH, drummer TIM POWLES, whose avant-garde mixes embelish both albums. MARGOT'S album was written with and produced by STEVE KILBEY of THE CHURCH.

PETER KOPPES, apart from his success around the world with THE CHURCH, has continued to explore new projects and since establishing a solo career with the release of two albums in the USA, 'MANCHILD & MYTH' [Rykodisc 1988] and 'FROM THE WELL' [TVT RECORDS 1989]. Various collaborations have followed and an album of KOPPES' material 'WATER RITES' was released as THE WELL, which toured Australia to critical acclaim and featured former THE CHURCH member RICHARD PLOOG on drums, THE CELIBATE RIFLES at the time bassist JIM LEONE and ICEHOUSE/FLOWERS inaugural keyboardist ANTHONY SMITH.

'WATER RITES' by THE WELL, and also THE REFO:MATION's 'PHARMAKOI/DISTANCE CRUNCHING HONCHOS WITH ECHO UNITS' album featuring THE CHURCH members STEVE KILBEY, PETER KOPPES and TIM POWLES, were earlier released in conjunction with business partner SEBASTIAN CHASE and prompted the decision to formally launch a new label IMMERSION to house everything.

The launch of the new millenium has the label celebrating past and present with a re-issue of Peter Koppes' second solo album of 1989 called "From The Well" released on TVT Records and also the 2002 release of his fifth album of new material called "Simple Intent".



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